July, 2016

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Can vaccines be trusted?

This debate we believe will be one that will always be divided between those that want to believe that vaccines are safe and should be given to all children and those that believe vaccines do nothing except, contain poisonous chemicals and have created so many side effects for adults and children that the evidence is more overwhelming than not as to why it would be better for you to find Healthier Options. Personally, it is my opinion, that this should be a decision left to the parents of each child and NOT to have that right taken away from them by governments and big pharmaceutical companies that seem to be the only ones that prosper in this debate.  I for one became very sick after have injections before going away to travel many years ago and ended up with severe adult whooping cough which has taken me years to recover from. It took it’s toll on my health and my business at the time. Never again will I inject any vaccines into my body. I also personally believe that by eating the right foods and quantities of food, getting air, water, rest, exercise and maintaining a positive and healthy mind and body will go a long long way to ensuring my body and mind stays in optimal health and therefore it should never need the aid of injections or pills to cure any ailments. That is just my opinion! It’s not about me anyway, so I continue…

Sadly though, the debate goes on and some still do not want to even look at any form of evidence or material out there which might lead to the fact that vaccines are NOT safe to put into anybody’s body. Adults, childrens or animals.

We’ve found some interesting video’s you might want to take some time to listen to and do your own research. Make up your own mind as to what you believe is the Healthier Option for you. All I will say is, please investigate the side effects of all ingredients in those vaccines and even medicines before you do anything further. DO NOT take for gospel what a doctor tells you – they’re never going to tell you they’re bad for you – they sign an oath – they will not go against that oath and the BIG pharmaceutical companies will always prosper. Always do lots of research. I personally have been following the teaching and educating myself from the likes of Tyler and Don Tolman.

Reality Check: CDC Scientist Admits Data of Vaccines and Autism Was Trashed
Bill Gates Admits Vaccines Are Used for Human Depopulation, Eugenics, Agenda 21 New World Order

100% Proof Vaccines Cause Autism (PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO)

This is the Best Explanation of the Vaccine/Autism Connection I’ve Ever Heard!

and there are plenty plenty more out there…..

Skin Cancer Scam

Some of you may have heard that you must cover up with sunscreen to protect your skin from the awful rays of the sun. Especially here in Australia, we have the saying “Slip, Slop, Slap” and for many years growing up as kids we would play in the sun and at the beach and not give a care in the world.

Sadly, though it’s the pharmaceutical companies that are causing more skin cancer than ever before due to the chemicals that they put into the sunscreens. You then put them on your skin and go and bake in the sun. When the sun and the chemicals react, this is when you can cause the most damage to your skin. It’s not the sun! It’s the chemicals inside the sunscreens that does it.

Have you bothered to even look up what each of the ingredients does and the side effects it has – probably not.

Now I know I might upset some of my friends here because they’ve gone through the horrible process of having melanomas removed however I urge anyone who is taking the time to read this, to think twice, be open to finding out further what is really true and make healthier choices for you and your body before deciding to use chemicals, surgery, pills & lotions just because you want to believe that what your doctor is telling you to be the truth.  Many years ago I would have done the same however I am learning from some of the most amazing people on this planet and have started changing what I eat and how I do things in life and I have noticed a difference to my health already. Although I love the summer months rather than the winter months, I’ve never been a fan of spending hours and hours in the hot Aussie sun anyway nor spending hours baking myself at the beach – in fact I tend to steer clear of the beaches altogether.  You might be thinking how sad, especially if your a beach going fan however it doesn’t bother me, its just not one of my interests. I have lots of other things that excite me more. Enough about me though!

Now I’m not saying for one minute that you should go out into the hot Australia sun for the whole day and bake yourself – that would be just plain silly and irresponsible however getting out in the sun for short periods of time is good for you. If you want to put anything on your skin then put on coconut oil instead or check out another option here Click here to go to Miessence’s website

Check out this quick video with Don Tolman – the man who is said to be the wholefoods medicine man, who has travelled the world, studied and learnt that our bodies can and do heal themselves. If we look after it, give it air, water, sunshine, walking, wholefoods, non-toxic relationship and loads of passion in our life. These are the 7 principals that he lives by.

For more really good information from this very wise and knowledgable man please check out his website
Click here to go to Don Tolman International website

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