August, 2017

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Wondering About the Safety of Vaccines? LEARN MORE HERE! (via Are Vaccines Safe?)

Vaccine safety is a major concern for parents and patients alike. Parents and patients deserve the truth when it comes to invasive medical procedures.

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Author:  Ainslie – HO Media

If you don’t know what’s in it or the side effects, would you still put it in your body?

Many years of blindly accepting what so called experts have said til one day after receiving about $1000 worth of vaccines to protect myself while travelling, I came down with a really bad dose of adult whopping cough and my health has never quite been the same. It’s taken years of getting the crap out of my body and educating myself about making sure I’m looking after myself with healthier foods, clean healthier water and a little sun, fresh air and some exercise all goes a long way to optimum health and vitality so I can get on with doing what I love the most and spending time with others.

I’ve also recently done a 21 day gut and liver detox program and even though losing weight was not my objective, it was a great side effect and I lost about 4kg and now feeling fantastic.

Optimum health, is a continual journey, not one that you do once and give up on and go back to your old ways. It’s about becoming my mindful of what you eat, why you eat and when you eat and of course choosing the right kinds of food to fuel YOUR body…..and of course, there are the occasional treat days to indulge a little and enjoy some of the naughty little foods that once were an everyday occurrence.

Definitely no more vaccines for me!