September, 2017

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Using Surface Level Strategies to Avoid the Deeper Work with Kate Maree OBrien

Don’t wait til you love all of who you are. Start now..

Really look at what parts of you that you are disowning or rejecting.

If there are parts of you that you can’t be with, then start there.

Love all of who you are….unconditionally.

Do you feel like you have to be someone else?.
Do you feel like you have to change so you can finally accept who you are?
Don’t wait til then to love ALL of who you are.
I love all of who I am. The good and the not so good. It’s not always easy and it takes not listening to the opinions of others. It takes time and practice.
Do you love all of who YOU are?
Hear what Kate shares about, using surface level strategies to avoid the deeper work.
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How to speak kind words to yourself with Kate Maree OBrien

I am learning to love myself
I am learning to stand in my own truth
I am loving and lovable
I am strong and courageous
I am persistent
I am worthy
I am abundant
I am magnificent!


You don’t even know how magnificent you already are.

You are extrordinary right now.

Your life is happening right now. Every time you put it on don’t get to own your truth.

One day never comes.  Own it Claim your Truth NOW!

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Remembering your TRUTH with Kate Maree OBrien

Out of the darkness into the light!

We’re born into this world raw and beautiful. We’re wild and we’re free.

The struggles that bind us are the very thing that reminds us to wake up and remember again.

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Do you have an internal battle going on?
Things you’re being challenged with and not sure which way to go? Have you been hard on yourself for far too long?
I know at times I have and often not shared what goes on for me with anyone or very few. Embarrassed about how I feel and what’s going on and at times feeling helpless on how to make a difference in other people’s lives when I feel so challenged in my own. Even as I write this, it hits raw nerves and a tear drops slowly down.
This is a powerful short film that MUST be watched. It’s got an important message about freeing ourselves from the internal battle that we all seem to face from time to time – some longer than others and doing that through self love. 
When we fight ourselves, it hurts.
When we love ourselves, we’re in a place to heal.
Healing starts with beginning to love those parts of ourselves that at times can feel unlovable.
I resonate with so much of what Kate Maree O’Brien expresses in her videos and says in her words. Sometimes I feel like she’s talking directly at me and that’s why I love to share her videos. The messages hit home and perhaps they will resonate with you too. 
Is it time to stop pushing ourselves away and begin to embrace and choose ALL parts of ourselves. Like Kate says, even these days now, when I feel sad, its ok to feel sad. When I feel not good enough, its ok to feel not good enough. When I feel powerless, its ok to feel powerless and in those moments, when I choose and accept me and what Im going through, a shift happens. My power opens up. I feel free again! Thank you beautiful Kate for your impactful videos and great messages that you share. More great videos at



How to Overcome Challenges – Obstacles As Opportunities with Kate Maree OBrien

How do you overcome Challenges? Do you see the obstacles as opportunities to really go after what you want?

Most people give up right before the finish line instead of going over, under, around and through.

Are you obstacles internal perhaps? Are you fighting within yourself to go to the next level?
So many times I’ve gone through all these things and more and if I just keep pushing myself through a little bit more I get stronger and more results and a level of growth I would not have had if I had given up and not continued to push through.  Even if pushing through feels uncomfortable at times. It’s pushing through those most uncomfortable times that you’ll get your biggest growth. Nothing will stop you. Check out what Kate Maree OBrien says in her video below.

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HOW TO RE-OPEN YOUR HEART (After Its Been Closed) with Kate Maree OBrien

I love her video’s so much and her messages I just want to share them all.

If you’re loving them too check out more

This is a powerful exercise. I cried. I laughed. I screwed my face up. I smiled. I looked into her eyes and she looked back at me. A great exercise for the heart and soul. I loved it! Thank you once again Kate Maree OBrien for showing us the way.

HOW TO SEE YOUR OWN BEAUTY & STRENGTH | an inspirational video for women | Kate Maree OBrien

Who do YOU see ?

Hear from this incredible woman who creates the most inspiring and powerful video’s with messages that impact.

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Be Inspired and Be Impacted

Dancing with Discomfort by Kate Maree O’Brien

This incredible woman shares openly and honestly about a lot of topics most of us
probably think about and talk about.

She gets you really thinking…Check out this one Dancing with Discomfort