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The Pet Chef
88 Elgee Road

The BARF Diet for Dogs and Cats and even Ferrets!

If what you put into your own body is important, then what about what you feed and put into the body of your beloved four legged friends, yes I mean your dogs and cats.

I learnt about The Pet Chef from a friend and have used it to feed both my dogs and my cats and they love it.  Especially when I found out my cat was allergic to commercial cat foods both wet and dry I got some of the raw foods from The Pet Chef and they loved it.

I found The Pet Chef to be most helpful, full of useful information and always willing to assist you.

Please go to the The Pet Chef's website to find out heaps more information and delivery times.

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Tyler Tolman


Hey I’m Tyler

How you feeling? Wish you had more energy? Looked younger? Are you seeking next level health? Have you been given the runaround by the mainstream medical system? Or maybe you’re not just feeling that great, but they say nothing is wrong with you?

Think there must be a better way? Well there is! I’m here to show you how to give yourself complete self care the natural way. No gimmicks. I have decades of experience in helping people heal and gain radical vitality through fasting and wholefoods. You can find out more here and see glowing testimonials of people I’ve helped transform. But for now I want to let you know that everything you need for your journey to better health is here.

Excited? Great.
So here’s the secret to making a real health transformation.

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