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Diamond Health & Wellness

Diamond Health and Wellness was founded by Elizabeth Mulvey to support and promote natural health and wellness at a ground level to assist with education, products and services which aid daily wellness.

Elizabeth is a qualified Clinical Aromatherapistwith specializations in Holistic Herbal Therapy and Clinical Nutrition.  She is also a Reiki MasterPeak Performance Consultant, with a Bachelor of Education.  Liz believes that education and self-care are the keys to life.

Diamond Health and Wellness has a Holistic Philospohy of health and incorporates a variety of modalities based on individual assessment to support clients to nurture health and happiness.

Education is one our important goals, we run workshops to support public knowledge about:

  • Introduction to Essential Oils
  • From the Craddle to the Car – Raising Children
  • Stress Management
  • Men’s Health
  • Blending Essential Oils
  • Moon Magic: Working with the phases of the moon
  • The Golden years: Aging Gracefully

Diamond Health & Wellness empowers people to make healthy life choices by offering informative natural health workshops, therapies and products. Distributor for DoTERRA Essential Oils and Pruvit Ketones and their own range and blend of essential oils including: Bite Me, Talk with Me, Remember Me, Soothe Me and Sleep with Me

Being ME Range of Essential Oil blends is inspired by the daily and situational challenges in peoples life.

The Bite Me range of Essential Oils

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Our Eco Clean
1147 South Pine Road
Arana Hills QLD

Creating cleaning products for my own home that worked well and weren’t harmful to my family or the environment was important to me. I wanted a way to rid my home of harmful chemicals and found that going back to basics was actually the way forward.

Researching traditional cleaning methods resulted in the development of 9 products that clean every surface in your home. Using proven ingredients like BiCarbonate Soda, Citric Acid, Soap Flakes, and Essential oils such as “Lemon Myrtle” (the environment’s very own antibacterial weapon) my cleaning products will naturally clean your home with amazing ease.

Find out how easy it is to have a sparking home that smells great and remove the nasty chemicals forever.

So join the revolution and make your home an ‘OurEco Home’

 Thank you for making the change and Happy Cleaning.  

Kind Regards


1300 687 326
Arana Hills