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YIAH is changing the world one small bite at a time. They're making the world smaller, more familiar and friendlier through food. They continue to support KIVA - the world's first non-profit lending platform connecting online lenders to small, life changing entrepreneurs.
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We’re always on a journey and in life and one of the things we’ve become more passionate about it eating healthier and cooking healthier foods and becoming aware of what goes into the foods we eat.

We saw and fell in love with YIAH – Your Inspiration at Home. We just love what YIAH stands for which is providing families with quality ingredients that are safe and with food that nourishes the body.  All the ingredients are of the finest quality and freshness that they can deliver. They have won 272 Fine Food Awards.

We are loving the new taste sensations we experience when using our YIAH products to make yummy and healthy delicious foods from home rather than grabbing fast food or junk food. Don’t get me wrong on the odd occasion we do still have a little splurge or treat with the things that are no so healthy, however we aim not to make it a daily or weekly habit.  We joined YIAH as consultants for ourselves and to be able to share with others so they too can enjoy the taste sensations and we can make new friends along the way.

So enjoy global flavours, friendships and Success

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Youth Joy Raw Food

Hello and welcome

I'm Susanna and I am here to share with you my passion for raw food.

Please read my bio below to find out more about me, my passions, my qualifications, and my journey from Argentina to Perth, where I now live and share my passion for raw food and healing through workshops, retreats, and other events.

Love and joy



Susanna Amalia was born in Argentina. She left her home country and after travelling for a few months in Europe and living for three years in Johannesburg, South Africa, she decided to settle in Perth.  Western Australia offered Susanna what she was looking for - a natural environment close to the ocean as she enjoys being near water.

Susanna is fluent in Spanish, Italian, French and English.  Her father was Italian and her mother is English.  Susanna’s grand parents showed her the English culture while she was growing up in a Spanish speaking country. From a very young age, she was always attracted to heal animals that were in need.  Susanna loved the natural way of life, and spent many weekends in the country with family and friends.

She completed University Studies in Argentina and when she migrated to Perth Susanna worked at Central TAFE (Training and Further Education) for a period of 10 years, where she developed a passion for health and wellness.  She spent some time in Queensland, where she worked with professionals from the UK.  She also commenced her journey in Nutrition and Natural Health with a Company called “Inner Glow” where she studied with Peter Fraser the NES Quantum System.  She then worked for one year with Dr Igor Tabrizian at his clinic in Greenwood, WA.  Susanna was utilizing the NES Nutritional Analysis system to improve client’s health and wellbeing.

Susanna organised and ran Health Seminars at Dr. Tabrizians Clinic where she invited people like Karen Bartz to produce raw food.  This sparked her interest in Raw Food and her passion to learn more and share her knowledge by developing workshops and programs.

Susanna has been running successful courses in Raw Food for over 3 years and is now expanding her business to run coaching sessions on the internet.

Susanna’s gift to the world is her passion for living a healthy lifestyle.  She has a happy, friendly personality, encouraging and promoting healing and health for her friends and clients. Her enthusiasm and knowledge are truly inspiring.

  • Completed Post Grad in Training and Development at ECU.

  • Cert IV TAE (Training and Assessor)

  • Studied Natural Healing course at Perth Academy of Natural Therapies

  • Master practitioner program in NLP, neuro-linguistic programming

  • Won a scholarship to study at The Raw Food Institute in Connecticut - now completing her Educator’s International Course as a Certified Raw Food Coach.

  • Recently nominated to be part of the International Women’s Leadership Association (IWLA) due to the recognition for her great contribution to family, career, and community

0400 201 337