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The impact of pain on health and how Sanakey can help!

NS Health has introduced hand-held Sanakey 100% drug free pain-relief device for self-treatment. This can be the start of breaking your pain cycles.

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About Chris & Lesia Mortensen

NS Health is Australia’s leading pain and recovery clinic using 100% drug free pain relief technology. NS Health consists of Chris and Lesia Mortensen, both passionate and driven health practitioners excited to be bringing sanakey, 100% drug free pain relief technology to Australia!

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Chris and Lesia Mortense of NS Health

Based in Dee Why, on Sydney’s northern beaches, NS Health began in 2005 and is now sought out by the general public as well as elite sportsman and Olympic and World champions as it continues to provide outstanding results for both acute and chronic injuries and painful conditions alike.

Blog post provided by NS Health.

What is Sanakey?

NS Health has introduced the hand-held Sanakey pain-relief device for self-treatment to the Australian public. The Sanakey even has an App for smartphone or tablet and provides the user with detailed information how to use the Sanakey personal pain-relief device and clear treatment directions for common painful complaints.

sanakey ns health“The use of the sanakey personal pain relief device either as a stand-alone therapy or in combination with pharmaceutical and/or other manual therapies can be the start of breaking these pain cycles.” 

The impact of pain on health and how the sanakey can help you and your family!

A study in 2012 put the cost in Australia at $A55 billion. The clear majority of these cases were represented by muscular skeletal pain. So the impact of chronic pain at a national level is easy to recognise and put a figure on. With an aging population and the growing increase in metabolic diseases, including diabetes adding to reported pain levels in society, we can only expect a dramatic increase in these costs.

Currently society relies heavily on pharmaceuticals to deal with this issue but from clinical experience we know that this approach doesn’t work in all cases.

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On an individual level the impact of Pain on Health isn’t easy to quantify.

Pain is shown to affect sleep, mood and appetite and put an enormous strain on personal relationships. The chronic stress induced at a metabolic level causes a release of both inflammatory and stress chemicals into the body that are linked to wide ranging potential life-threatening conditions from obesity to cancer. Research now shows that the brain responds to chronic pain by forming new networks to reinforce that pain this teaches other parts of the brain to experience more pain.

Often when we see patients at our clinic they are caught in a vicious cycle of pain. They no longer sleep well, there is inevitable weight gain linked to reduced mobility and in some cases patients will report a low mood as well as the pain.

This all makes a clear case as to the devastating impact of pain on our general health as well as society as a whole.

So how can we address pain at an individual level in order to see the positive onflow effect in society?

Most of chronic pain patients we see our Clinic have attempted to address these issues in a number of ways; medication, rest and other therapies. Unfortunately, by the time we see them the issues have been a part of their life for many years.

The use of the sanakey personal pain relief device either as a stand-alone therapy or in combination with pharmaceutical and/or other manual therapies can be the start of breaking these pain cycles.

By treating the pain at an electrical level as well as a physical and chemical level means we see a more sustained effect in the underlying condition that has led to this point.

It’s no surprise to us when someone begins using sanakey, having suffered pain from an injury sustained some 20 years ago reports having “best sleep I’ve had in years” after using the device a few times.

Of course we don’t claim that the sanakey improves sleep, or that it leads to weight-loss but once you remove the chemical and electrical reinforcement of pain within the body it will naturally move away from these states of dis-ease!

So how can the sanakey help you and your family?

Once you begin using your sanakey you’ll find it an indispensable tool for all types of pain:

  • In little ones the sanakey comes in handy anywhere you see pain from colic in little bubs, to the unavoidable bumps, insect bites and bruises as they grow, progressing to sports injuries.
  • For Mum and Dads, the sanakey can address the general aches and pains of growing older: neck and back pain, arthritis from old injuries as well as nerve pain.

When you add up the cost of medications for common ailments over the years and compare to the years of 100% drug-free treatment we would expect you to get from the sanakey – it’s really a great investment for any family.

Ambassador Testimonial, Layne Beachley

“As a professional athlete, I placed an enormous amount of pressure and expectation on my body, mind and overall health for over 20 years.
In 2005 I pushed my body to the limit, suffering a severe disk herniation in the C5/6 region of my neck and as a result I was given two alternatives; surgery or retirement.
After trying almost every alternative medicine and complementary therapy, I elected to give NS Health Australia a go.
With consistent treatment and maintenance, I was able to avoid surgery and retirement and return to competitive surfing without pain and go on to win my 7th ASP Women’s World Championship.
Now that I’m happily retired from competition, NS Health continues to assist me in a multitude of ways.
No matter what the challenge, I encourage everyone to put NS Health Australia to the test!” – Layne Beachley


To order your Sanakey today and have your pain relieved go to our online shop here