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Tolman Self Care: Big questions about cancer by Don Tolman (via

In the years that I’ve monitored the results of the “Cancer industry” – a crusade that I began after witnessing dozens of unnecessary deaths from surgery, chemotherapy and radiation – I have been shocked by the unnecessary over use of weapons of mass destruction. The problem with “Cancer” is that if they were to actually ever really solve the mystery, they’d solve the billions of dollars that this industry generates each year (i.e. millions of Doctors worldwide would need to retrain and ‘the business’ of Cancer would go bankrupt). And despite the immense money raised through countless charities each year and spent on so called research to find a cure, it’s never going to happen.I don’t mean to sound harsh, but through all my years of observational experience, personal research and in having being sent countless people who’ve been told to go home and get their affairs in order because they have incurable cancer, I’ve developed the firm belief that this industry is one of most ruthless and dangerous industries that has ever been deployed on the masses.The war on Cancer is a myth.  It’s not a war we should even be fighting.And if people would only dig in and do a little homework for themselves, they’d realise that there are certain serious questions that need to be asked of any ‘Cancer’ Doctor to be clear on the possible outcome, before undergoing any treatment.

So here are some of those BIG QUESTIONS:

Doctor, if I undergo this treatment will it actually cure my cancer or am I likely to require further treatment down the road?

Doctor, what are my chances of survival if I undergo this treatment?

Doctor, is the treatment you’re proposing one that you’d be comfortable prescribing to any family member of yours that had the same condition?

Doctor, is there any non-invasive alternative at all to the treatment that you’re proposing?

Doctor, what are the known side-effects I can expect should I proceed with this treatment?

Doctor, have you ever seen this treatment fail? If so, in what percentage of cases and are these cases documented?

Doctor, how much is your office going to make from administering the treatment that you’re proposing that I have?

Doctor, can you provide me with the names and contact details of any other patients of yours who’ve undergone similar treatment so that I can feel comfortable about proceeding with it.

These are completely reasonable questions that no one seems to ask because they place complete trust in their Doctor, because he/she is “an expert”.What we have is a system of “allopathic reductionism”. What this means is that Cancer industry success is based on a 5 year survival rate. In other words, if the cancer treatment i.e. the management of the disease, helps you to survive another 5 years, then the treatment was a success.  It’s crazy stuff!What if we walked away from “the war” altogether and started embracing “principles of health” instead, so that we can actually address what leads to Cancer in the first place?

To this day we have cultures – without a single medical degree amongst them – who have no trace of cancer in their communities. But why is this being completely ignored?Why is it that the work of such thoughtful practitioners like Sir Robert McCarrison, Dr Weston Price, Dr Robert Mendelsohn were a total embarrassment to medical science?  Go read up on what they’ve said about Cancer and Disease and ask yourself if their perspective makes sense.There is an old proverb: Fools ask questions wise men cannot answer. In the meantime, “fools” keep disobeying their medical masters by embracing ‘alternative’ treatments for cancer and those pesky testimonials keep coming in that are being hidden from broad public view.I honestly believe that many within the medical industry really do want to help people.

Most truly believe that they are doing the best that can be done to treat cancer and other diseases.  The problem is that ‘the system’ they’re a part of has evolved into an industry that is doing more harm than good. And the tragedy is that most people will not do themselves the service of asking the tough questions of their Doctor before going in for these treatments. They simply hand themselves over and blindly accept whatever the medical world throws at them because they trust it completely – all the while, there are no cures, no one is addressing the ’cause’ and the Cancer industry continues to grow.  Maybe, just maybe, it’s time we stopped ‘fighting this war’ and that we began to simply walk away and embrace a more common-sense path of achieving divine health and longevity.

Wouldn’t this make more sense?

‘Cowboy’ Don.


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Author:  Ainslie – HO Media

If you don’t know what’s in it or the side effects, would you still put it in your body?

Many years of blindly accepting what so called experts have said til one day after receiving about $1000 worth of vaccines to protect myself while travelling, I came down with a really bad dose of adult whopping cough and my health has never quite been the same. It’s taken years of getting the crap out of my body and educating myself about making sure I’m looking after myself with healthier foods, clean healthier water and a little sun, fresh air and some exercise all goes a long way to optimum health and vitality so I can get on with doing what I love the most and spending time with others.

I’ve also recently done a 21 day gut and liver detox program and even though losing weight was not my objective, it was a great side effect and I lost about 4kg and now feeling fantastic.

Optimum health, is a continual journey, not one that you do once and give up on and go back to your old ways. It’s about becoming my mindful of what you eat, why you eat and when you eat and of course choosing the right kinds of food to fuel YOUR body…..and of course, there are the occasional treat days to indulge a little and enjoy some of the naughty little foods that once were an everyday occurrence.

Definitely no more vaccines for me!