As we ourselves, discover and align ourselves with various businesses and practitioners who provide certified organic, organic or natural more beneficial alternatives to chemicals or who provide health, wellness & fitness products and services, we will share them with you.

Our directory provides a way these businesses can connect with YOU as you discover how important it is to BE healthy and live healthy and hence enjoy a much higher vibration of living. You will feel great, you will have energy and a vibrancy about you that allows you to enjoy doing what you do.

If you have such a business or service that you would like to connect with others and the people who join our community or who visit our site and you would like to advertise here, please get in touch with us today by sending us an email to

We will grow this niche directory so you have a place to promote your products and services in the Healthier Options Directory to people who are now looking for healthier options in their life, be it food and nutrition, skincare and beauty products or consultants.

Our 12 month listing price is currently $399.00

Please note that once fees have been paid they are non refundable. We aim to get your listing up immediately and if we start promoting you, your business or your events, then your subscription is already under way and will continue for one year. We will continue to promote you, your business, your events for a whole year however you must let us know when your events are on so we can pop them into the calendar.

We are first and foremost an online directory for the health and wellness industry and we created this to assist you get in front of more people and to help your business grow and perhaps connect with more people in your target market.

We can assist you with creating paid facebook ads or setting up facebook pages and obtaining more likes etc however these are paid extras. We can also create Landing Pages if required using the software that we ourselves use for all our websites, hosting and landing pages.

Together we can educate people that there are Healthier Options out there so they can Live Brighter, Lighter, Healthier and Longer because of the products and services that YOU provide for them…and to us too!  We too are always making healthier choices in our life each and every day. So thank you for being a part of our journey also.

We are always learning new ways to market businesses and will bring and apply these new strategies so that we can help you grow and connect with your tribe too.

Click on the links below to take a look inside  – an example of some of those who we have aligned ourselves with already. Keep coming back and go to the Business Directory as we will continue to grow …


Healthier Options’s – Inner Origin Shop

Healthier Water

Tyler Tolman


NAS Cosmetics

The Divine Company

Healthier Options’s – Inner Origin Shop


Energy Wave International

The Pet Chef




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