Homemade Coffee & Coconut Oil Face Scrub


How many times have you spent buying commercial face scrubs because you want to have a soft & smooth, clean and bright complexion only to discover that there are many out there on the market that are full of chemicals and nasties that are not necessarily good for you.

Quite often the best remedies are the ones grandma used to make and we’ve just forgotten about them because of the convenience of modern day.  Well, isn’t it time we got back to the basics, the good ole natural remedies that are tried and tested.

Here’s another great little tip for those left over coffee grounds after you’ve enjoyed your coffee – a part from putting them back in the garden, or to put on the vegie garden too.

Take one teaspoon of ground coffee beans – the ones left over from the pot you’ve just enjoyed and set them aside.

Take one teaspoon of coconut oil and gently smooth this over your face. Now take the teaspoon of the coffee grounds and gently rub those over the coconut oil. Remember to rub gently and avoid getting coffee grounds too close to your eyes because if it gets in your eyes – it will become very very annoying and irritating. Once you’ve done that wash off with cold water. Now if you’re like me, I have a tendency to want to wash things off in hot water, however hot water will open the pores of your skin so in this case, it is better to wash off in cold water.

If you’d like to see how this is done, please check out how my friend Harriet from The Naked Health Warriors did it.


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