Looking after your mind and body doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated, neither does it have to feel like a chore or a burden.  I always wanted the intention of doing something daily to keep my body in shape. I wasn’t into diets or any of those fads, however in order to feel good both in my mind and my body it is important to me that i do things to maintain them, just like you would do things to look after the engine of your car.

If looking after your health is not a high enough value to you this won’t be important and therefore you just won’t do anything to look after it anyway…or not without much kicking and screaming and we certainly don’t want that. We want you to enjoy what you do and feel good about it.

One of a few really simple things I have started to do each morning is a one minute bounce on one of those circular bounce trampolines. Just a simple 1 minute – now I’m sure that you all have one minute each day to do something this simple. This gets everything waking up and ready for the day. I’m quite surprised that since I’ve been doing it EVERY day how much lighter and brighter I’ve been feeling and how much extra energy I have to get through my day. Believe me, I”m working on lots of projects at the moment, so energy and health are important.

The other thing I have started to implement is 5 minutes of exercise throughout the day.  I have a stepper under my table. In between working I can rest my feet on it. I set my timer for 30 minutes and work, work, work. Once that 30 minutes is up I set my timer for 5 minutes. I stand up, slide out the stepper and do steps for 5 minutes. Sometimes it’s just steps, other times I put my hand weights on or I use the stretch bands that are attached to the stepper, so both my arms and my legs get a work out. I stop after 5 minutes and get back to another 30 minutes of work.  Every 30 minutes I’m taking a break from my computesilhouette-602840_640r, resting my mind and my body and giving it a chance to stretch. Boy, the first day I did this, I didn’t think I had done much. Five lots of five minutes – not bad for day 1 – then when I went to get up the next day – yep did i feel it in my calves and thighs – you betcha.  I rested for a day and took it up again the next day and will continue to do so as my health and fitness gets better and better and better. Repitition is good. Structure is good and I think I could learn to like a little bit of structure in some areas of my life.

So what can you do, to implement something small to start with into your life, to get you moving and shaking?

Share any comments below….. Gotta go, its time for my 5 minute exercise again! Yah 😀

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