No more commercial cat food!


Miss Moo Used to suffer Epileptic fits…

I acquired Miss Moo as a young lady was not able to keep her and she needed a new home. I took her in and renamed her to “Moo”. You can see that she is black and white and to me she looked like one of those black and white patched cows and believe me at times she really can be a moo cow.  As time went on, one day I experienced what I thought was Moo fighting with her adopted sister cat Delilah. When I rushed to see what was going on I found Moo lying on my study floor suffering some sort of seisure or fit. She looked like she had lost control of her bladder and her legs where shaking and she was howling as if she was in a fight – only with herself of course. Unsure of what to do and not wanting to the have crap scratched out of me, I immediately grabbed a towel and placed it over her and was talking to her the whole time and letting her know I was here and she’d be alright. To be honest I was petified, I had no idea whether she was going to live or die or what was happening to her. I did however have some incling that it might be an epileptic fit.

I rang the vet to find out if cats can even have epileptic fits and monitored her to make sure she was OK.  After some time of cleaning herself up and probably in a state of shock she calmed down and kept close to me and just slept.  I witnessed a few more of these episodes which occurred more regularly than I would have liked. One day whilst I was talking to one of my friends and telling her about it, we both witnessed Moo having another one. I racked my brains to think what she had eaten the night before and realised it was the dry commercial cat biscuits. That was it!! Moo was allergic to commercial cat food. To this day both my inside cats are NOT fed commercial cat food and since then Moo has NEVER suffered another epileptic fit again. I must admit she sometimes runs around the house like a mad cat however thank goodness I never have to experience seeing her suffer like that again. It made me wonder what the hec was going into those commercial foods.  My two indoor cats now enjoy sardines, tuna or fresh chicken – that’s it and they continue to live and enjoy sleeping non stop, running around annoying each other…and me and they look healthy.  So what really is in those commercial cat foods??? I think my cat’s prefer a more healthy and tastier option anyway, so I won’t be giving them dry commercial or canned cat food anymore.

She looks content to me.
She loves me and doesn’t like to leave my side.

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