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HOW TO DEAL WITH BURNOUT – Take these steps immediately

I love these videos by Kate Maree O’Brien because she’s often spot on the money with what she shares and because she’s genuinely experienced it herself.
I can relate to this!
When I started working for myself some 13 years ago I went hell for leather for probably the first 7 years and wondered why by 2010 I became very sick and run down, often tired and wanting to just sleep, sleep, sleep.  Anxiety and stress was obviously getting to me although I would never readily admit that. I was fine. I was a machine. I could just keep going. I often said, “Sleep is over rated” and “I’ll sleep when I’m dead”. Little did I know that sleep was one of the most important things for my healing and recovery. Now sleep to me is very important. I often have no problems sleeping, however sometimes its the quality of my sleep that counts.
If you believe you might be challenged or dealing with burnout, check out what Kate Maree O’Brien has to say and do check out her other video’s. There really is some great content worth listening and watching to.

Published on Dec 14, 2017

FEELING BURNTOUT? WATCH THIS VIDEO! This is the exact steps to take immediately if you’re feeling overwhelmed or burnt out and your system system is on overdrive. When you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed, and you’ve been running for so long, your system starts to go into a survival-type mode, and the first priority is to unwind that. To allow your system to unwind, so that you can breathe. And from there make better decisions for yourself. Healing burnout, starts with self care. Burnout comes about when we take on TOO much. So dealing with burnout requires us to be able to step back and make new decisions. To be a powerful no and a powerful yes. To eliminate things out of our lives. BUT it’s hard to do that when we are burntout, so the FIRST thing. The MOST urgent thing with burnout is (drum roll please).. Taking time for yourself to unwind your system. This is more important than anything else, and becomes your highest priority. In this video I discuss what I mean by ‘The Power of Attorney’, and going into ‘ICU’. Ive put myself in ICU, so many times, and I have a really low tolerance to putting myself in there too!
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