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3 Things You MUST Know Before You Do An Enema | Tyler Tolman

Have you ever considered doing an Enema?  I have and that’s as far as I got, well OK not exactly, I got brave enough to go to the pharmacy to get the douche kit and then did nothing with it. It’s still sitting brand new in it’s box.

I came across Tyler Tolman’s video today as I get his emails and it reminded me that I had it and had done nothing with it and I’m thinking that 2017 hasn’t exactly been the greatest of years for me so perhaps its time to clean out the shit so to speak and start a fresh. No I mean literally clean out the shit!  A spring clean after Christmas along with a 21 day detox like I did last year and felt amazing. Then of course like any good detox or cleanse make sure you drink plenty of Healthier Water.

Tyler Tolman takes you through the 3 things you MUST know before doing an enema at home: Why you need them, how to use them and how to do them safely.

Will you be brave enough, like me and give your body the cleanse that it deserves once – at least once in this lifetime if not more!

Enjoy the article and let us know what you think.

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