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Make Food Your Medicine with Dr Sandra Cabot

Make Food Your Medicine with Dr Sandra Cabot

Is the food you eat important to you? Is what you put on your skin important to you?
Do you want truth on label when shopping for your foods, skincare and personal care goods, dental, petcare and supplements?

Join us for an exclusive health and wellness event with one of Australia’s most influential women Dr Sandra Cabot – the Doctor who understands.  Come along to learn and be inspired.

You will also hear about an exciting new company that’s already in soft launch in Australia and getting ready to go further and we’re excited because Dr Sandra Cabot is a part of it.
Customers are already shopping and Advocates are already building big businesses for themselves.

Please bring a jacket as sometimes the room can get cold and we have no control over the temperature.
Registrations will be open from 6:15pm so arrive early in order to check in and obtain a seat.
We’re excited and we look forward to sharing this with you.

Together Let’s Make Food Our Medicine

Review of Trio – Clean and Lean Detox

Dr Sandra Cabot’s Liver and Gut Detox

My partner and I recently finished a 21 day detox from Dr Sandra Cabot. It was a liver and gut detox.

Inside the box that you see in the picture there is 21 satchets each for Superfood, Gut Repair and Alkalanise Cleanse.

There was a great recipe book that came with it, detailing foods to avoid and foods to eat and some great recipes and menu planning for the full 21 days.

We started out great, following to the menu planner and taking all the satchets.

By day 3 I was experiencing headaches however they went by the next day.
We continued along however by day 5 or 6 we were so busy in and out of the house sticking to the menu become somewhat challenging however we did the best we could.

By day 7 we measured and weighed ourselves, I had already lost 1.7kg and 3cm off my hips. My partner lost 3.1kg and 4cm off his waist and 2 cm off his hips.  We started to feel great and drank lots of Healthier Water during the process.

By day 14 I had skipped, by accident and being busy, some of the satchets mainly from lunch and bed time. It still worked though.

By day 14 I had now lost 1.8kg, not much more and 1cm off my waist and 5cm off my hips. My partner had now lost 3.6kg to date, 6cm off his waist and 4cm off his hips.

By now following the meal planner for us went out the window, although we did stick to not eating as many of the foods we weren’t meant to as much as possible. The only naughty we did, was at my nieces 21st birthday, I had two apple ciders to celebrate. Even though she had some junk foods at her birthday, I’m grateful that she is also a vegan and so her cake was a chocolate gluten free cake that she made, she had some natural crackers and some homemade dips and a yummy gluten free brownie which we indulged in. Not too bad for our first detox.  For me it was really hard letting go of milk and so most, however not all, of my smoothies were with normal milk and not almond milk or coconut milk. Perhaps I will do much better next time.

By day 21 I had lost 4.8kg, 6cm off my waist and 7cm off my hips. My partner lost 6kg, 7cm off his waist and 6 cm off his hips.

I had a few of those missed satchets left over, so kept going after the 21 days til they’re used up and I’m feeling great.

I was really happy with our first attempt and the results we achieved and the toxins that we could literally see and feel come out of our bodies.  It would definitely be something I would do at least twice a year. Once to start the year and again in July.

If you would like to experience this detox for yourself please visit our Healthier Options shopping cart, create a FREE account for yourself and order your detox TODAY and experience the difference.