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Reducing Toxic Overload in our Kids

We are now literally surrounded by toxic substances in our food, water, homes and even in our personal care and cosmetics we put on our skin.

Hundreds of toxic synthetic chemicals are detected in the umbilical cord of pregnant women, in breast milk and in every person. There is also no doubt that these poisons are playing their role in making our children sick.

Unknowingly we expose ourselves, our developing fetuses and infants to hundreds of toxic chemicals every day which can impact permanently our their health. Even low level exposures can make a big difference in these developmental periods and affect their health and wellbeing for the rest of their lives.

We now know that even at very low exposures certain chemicals that can mimic estrogen can influence the physical and mental development of children. While other chemicals can alter the expression of genes which can impact on the child throughout their lives with such conditions as weight gain, diabetes and even cancer.

With all children’s chronic diseases including mental illness, ADHD, autism and cancers on a steep rise it is important that we learn to take steps to reduce the risks. The good news is that with a little knowledge we can  make a big difference. A few small changes can dramatically reduce our exposure and the potential negative health effects.

This presentation will show how toxic chemicals at normal levels can contribute to these adverse health conditions and how they can even be linked to depression, stress and anxiety, diabetes, cardio vascular disease, cancer and even weight gain later in life. This presentation will change your attitudes to many things around you and your home and empower you to make some big but simple changes to improve your health. We’ll show you that with a few simple modifications you can easily improve the health of your children and that of your family.

This is must see for everyone interested in the health of our children and the future generations.

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Tickets $12 online or $20 at the door

Who Is Dr Dingle

Nobody knows health and wellness like Dr Peter Dingle, Australia’s most engaging and innovative thought leader on the topics of health, wellness and the environment. Dr Dingle has spent the past 30 years as a researcher, educator, communicator and author. Formerly an associate professor at Murdoch University, Dr D has written more than a dozen books on living well.

Blending motivation and humour, Dr Dingle regularly appears on state and national media. He was the presenter on the award-winning SBS program, “Is Your House Killing You?” and appeared regularly on ABC’s “Can We Help?” One of the most informative and entertaining health speakers in Australia, Dr Dingle helps cut through medical and health myths to give you the real facts on evidence-based wellness. He presents cutting-edge research findings in an accessible, down-to-earth manner—and is known for his straight-shooting style, sense of humour and the occasional magic trick or juggling display.

Can vaccines be trusted?

This debate we believe will be one that will always be divided between those that want to believe that vaccines are safe and should be given to all children and those that believe vaccines do nothing except, contain poisonous chemicals and have created so many side effects for adults and children that the evidence is more overwhelming than not as to why it would be better for you to find Healthier Options. Personally, it is my opinion, that this should be a decision left to the parents of each child and NOT to have that right taken away from them by governments and big pharmaceutical companies that seem to be the only ones that prosper in this debate.  I for one became very sick after have injections before going away to travel many years ago and ended up with severe adult whooping cough which has taken me years to recover from. It took it’s toll on my health and my business at the time. Never again will I inject any vaccines into my body. I also personally believe that by eating the right foods and quantities of food, getting air, water, rest, exercise and maintaining a positive and healthy mind and body will go a long long way to ensuring my body and mind stays in optimal health and therefore it should never need the aid of injections or pills to cure any ailments. That is just my opinion! It’s not about me anyway, so I continue…

Sadly though, the debate goes on and some still do not want to even look at any form of evidence or material out there which might lead to the fact that vaccines are NOT safe to put into anybody’s body. Adults, childrens or animals.

We’ve found some interesting video’s you might want to take some time to listen to and do your own research. Make up your own mind as to what you believe is the Healthier Option for you. All I will say is, please investigate the side effects of all ingredients in those vaccines and even medicines before you do anything further. DO NOT take for gospel what a doctor tells you – they’re never going to tell you they’re bad for you – they sign an oath – they will not go against that oath and the BIG pharmaceutical companies will always prosper. Always do lots of research. I personally have been following the teaching and educating myself from the likes of Tyler and Don Tolman.

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