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Hydrate Yourself to Amazing Health

You’re invited to our first fun and fabulous seminar for 2017. We’d love you to be there!

A little taste of what we have in store for you

  • You’ll have lots of fun 🙂
  • You’ll learn some valuable health information, which you can share with others you care about
  • You’ll learn how you can save money by not having to buy skincare and cleaning products
  • Your taste buds will be spoilt with a healthy coffee (or smoothie) and organic nibbles
  • Drinking Kangen Water is always the highlight of the evening and you’ll understand why when you taste it!
  • Bring your own water and we will test it for FREE
  • Learn how you can earn your own free unit
  • Learn how you can join our community
  • Learn how you can earn an income from simply referring people to us who purchase

On Tuesday 17th January (sharp start time of 7pm), you will be entertained by the knowledgeable, passionate and funny Martin Ball as he shares this ‘life changing’…(life changing?…absolutely), information with you, your family and friends. Tickets are limited, so please reserve yours today.

For your comfort we have partnered with the ‘Healthiest Cafe and Restaurant’ in East Victoria Park. Learn how to improve your health and your families, whilst also allowing you to experience the amazing food and drinks at the cafe.

For all those wanting to improve their health (especially at the start of 2017)… you are possibly missing out on the key piece of the puzzle…WATER!

For all those wanting to save money around the house… you are possibly missing out on the key piece of the puzzle…WATER!

Join us on Tuesday 17th January and we will share with you how the incredible Enagic medical grade water filter ionizer can improve the health of you and your family, like it has for many other people around the world. Bring your tap / filtered / bottled water for FREE testing and we will let you know if it is good or you could get better.

You will get to watch a live oxidation and acidic demonstration on commonly consumed waters and show you how you can easily remove pesticides from your fruits and veggies (tap, filtered, bottled water removes nothing but soil), as well as learn how to take your health and the health of your family to the next level.

Do you think tap, filtered, bottled, alkaline water is good for you?…find out more on the night.

Seats are limited in the organic cafe, so please reserve your seat asap.